This event has been postponed due to COVID-19.

The Dublin Mini-Marathon is the largest women’s event of its kind in the world! Women of all ages,
from all backgrounds and fitness levels participate by walking, jogging or running the 10km route in Dublin’s City Centre.

This year for the first time, the Julian Benson Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will be represented and we’re excited be involved!

So, don your JBCFF T-shirt and sparkles (optional!) and run, walk or jog your way to help us #build4cf

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Fundarising Agreement

Guidelines for Participation or Organisation of a Fundraising Event

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Julian Benson Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Your
support is very much apprecaited. We want your fundraising to be an enjoyable experience as well
as being safe and legal, so please read these guidelines before participating in any event, in which
you are raising funds for the Julian Benson CF Foundation.

In participating in an event in which you will raise funds for the Julian Benson CF Foundation, the
following guidelines apply:
1. You must be 18 years or over (if under 18, permission from a parent/guardian will need to
be arranged and communicated to our office).
2. You agree to participate in the event at your own risk.
3. We are happy to offer assistance, advice and guidance for your participation, however,
where the overall event is orgnaised by a 3 rd party (e.g. VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon), that
3 rd party is responsible for all organisational and safety aspects of the event. JBCFF can
accept no responsibility for injury or loss that may occur as a result of participating in a 3 rd
party event.

During your fundraising, either as a participant in a 3 rd party event or for your own fundraising
efforts, you may wish to organise a fundraising event or events.
Examples include: Coffee Morning, Gala Ball, Bike Race, Raffle, Auction, Dance-a-Thon, Funny
Jumper Day, Concert, Table Quiz, Sports Event etc.
When organising your own fundraising activities we require you to complete our FUNDRAISING
EVENT PROPOSAL FORM and submit to our offices for approval in advance of your event.

1. All fundraising events must be undertaken and conducted in accordance with all applicable
2. All due dilligence must be taken by you, to ensure that you and the people attending or
participating with you, do so in a safe and secure environment, where potential risks have
been assessed and negated where possible. We cannot accept responsibility for any injuries,
errors or ommissions on your part.
3. Whilst we are happy to offer advice and guidance to assist you with your event, the overall
planning, running and executing of the event, including any sales, expenses incurred, record
keeping and management is ultimately the fundraiser’s responsibility.

5. It is advised that a fundraiser secures their own insurance or checks with any hired or
associated venue if the event is covered under their insurance. We regret that our insurance
cannot extend to volunteer events.
6. If you plan to solicit contributions, sponsorship or in-kind gifts from businesses in your
fundraising efforts, please provide us with a list of potenital partners for review and
approval prior to approaching. A list of goods and services donated by companies should be
submitted when making final remittance to JBCFF.
7. Any relevant licences required for outdoor fundraising, ticket sales, public collections, door-
to-door activities are the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. Please be aware of some of
the following before undertaking such events:
-Simple raffles and one-off events usually do not require a licence, but raffles
involving tickets sold in advance or to peolple other than your guests may require
one. Check with your local Garda station.
– Any fundrasing conducted in the public arena will require a permit from An Garda
Siochana e.g. on the street or in a public place. While the owners of some private
properties including pubs, shopping centres and sports grounds may allow
collections onsite, you should also check with An Garda Siochana on the need for a
permit. Permits may take a few weeks or even months to obtain, so advance
planning is vital.
– Door-to-door calls are only permissible if you know the residents and should only be
made during daylight hours.
– All lotteries must comply with the law.

1. All of your fundraising communications should make it clear that you are fundraising in aid
of JBCFF, rather than acting formally on behalf of the organisation.
2. In naming the event, Julian Benson or the Julian Benson CF Foundation, should not be used
in the title, but as beneficiary of the net proceeds. e.g. ‘Name of Your Event in aid of Julian
Benson CF Foundation’ or ‘Event Name, proceeds in aid of JBCFF’.
3. If materials have been provided to you by our office, you may use these. If you would like to
use our logo, please apply for permission to do so, unless provided in your fundraising pack.
We will provide you with a high resolution verion of the logo. Please do not copy it from
other sources and please do not alter the colouring or fonts in any way.
4. When seeking publicity for your event, the fundraiser should not approach any celebrity,
influencer or press/media direct or agency to request support, coverage, interview, airtime
or other such exposure, without prior approval from JBCFF.
5. Please ensure you have obtained any necessary rights to use any images or publicity

A duty of care must be taken when undertaking any fundraising activity in which children are
participating, spectating or are present. It is the fundraiser’s responsibility to ensure that the event
is adaquately supervised. Where children are attending, this includes:
– Providing adult supervision and/or chaperones at all times in a safe and secure environment
– Obtaining any necessary permissions from the parent/guardian
– Arranging Garda Clearance for any adult working with children

1. For the purpose of transparancy, a breakdown of costs incurred and all incomes should be
available if members of the public request these details at any point.
2. As the organiser, you are responsible for the financial management of the fundraising
3. To comply with auditor requirements and to preserve the integrity of the organiser, it is
required that cash is counted in a secure environment and that at least two people are
involved with the counting and remitting of proceeds.
4. Donations can be accepted by cheque, bank transfer or if any donor wishes to donate by
credit card, we recommend one of the following:

i) That you set up a fundraising page of your own, with an established
and renowned body, such as ‘gofundme’ or ‘everydayhero’.
ii) That the donor is directed to our website to make an online
donation via our ‘stripe’ platform.
iii) For large donations, you may supply a donor with our Bank Details to
arrange a bank transfer.

5. All net proceeds must be submitted to JBCFF within 30 days of the conclusion of the the
event. (note: this requirement is also necessary under to comply with collections held under
An Garda Siochana permits).
6. All proceeds remitted must be accompanied by an authorisation letter from the fundraiser.
7. Please do not send any cash through the post.
8. JBCFF can provide charity receipts if requested from a donor. Please provide us with a list
including name, address, telephone number, email and donation amount. We will
endeavour to provide these in a timely manner. (Please ensure you have written permission
to share their personal details with us).
9. JBCFF will provide you with a receipt or certification recording the amount of the donation
after all the funds have been remitted, so you can share your goodwill news to those to
helped you.

Please be advised that JBCFF has strict guidelines in relation to cheque handovers. In accordance
with good governance and accountability, it is not always possible for a JBCFF representative to
officiate at a cheque handover. We are however, always happy to accommodate cheque handovers
at our Dublin office and where possible, we will arrange a photocall. Please note, Julian Benson may
not necessarily be the person to officiate and a different representative of the Foundation may be
present instead.

During the course of your event, you may gain access to people’s personal data on sponsorship
cards, donation envelopes, letters or emails to you. After the event is complete, to comply with

Data Protection Regulations, you should destroy any lists with personal details you have made
yourself and return printed sponsor cards to JBCFF, where we will ensure they are processed and
destroyed securely. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website.