Slide Create A Home From Home For CF Families Are you a contractor or supplier that can help us? Please contact us at Ireland has among some of the most severe strains of CF and also has the highest incidence (per head of population) of CF in the world, with three times the rate of the United States and the rest of the European Union. Help us build a safe place for those in need.
Families of CF patients want to be close to their loved ones.
Long term hospitalizations are common place.
Every cent counts and allows families precious time to be with each other.
Help us to make a difference.
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Meet Some of Ireland’s CF Warriors

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Our Goals

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About Us

The Julian Benson CF Foundation has been established by one of Ireland’s leading talent agents and choreographers, Julian Benson. Its aim is to provide much-needed support and services to CF sufferers and their families.

Julian was diagnosed with CF when he was two years old. He was given a life
expectancy of just 13 years of age but has never let it define him.

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Our Mission

Ireland’s first dedicated Wellness Respite Retreat for Cystic Fibrosis patients

The Julian Benson CF foundation was specifically established to create a unique, positive, healing environment close to the sea or woodland setting. Here, CF
patients and their families can come and spend time together- at a time when the patient requires supervision but not the full extent of hospitalisation.

The Centre will encourage rest, respite, recovery, mindfulness, exercise and physiotherapy, with the comforting supervision of a medical team, without the confines of a hospital.

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