About Us

Established in 2018 the Julian Benson CF Foundation aims is to provide much-needed support and services to CF warriors and their families. Julian Benson was just two when he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Doctors told his mother Maura he probably wouldn’t live to become a teenager. But they were wrong…​

Courage, an unstoppable attitude plus Maura’s endless support and belief led to Julian becoming one of Ireland’s leading talent agents and choreographers well known for his role as a judge on the TV series ‘Dancing with the Stars’.​
Julian has lived with CF for over fifty years. He shouldn’t have excelled in the world of dance or lived a full, exciting life. CF should have won – but it hasn’t. ​

Julian understands first-hand the needs and challenges of CF warriors. Therefore, he has established the Foundation to make a difference, creating a legacy that will continue to help patients and families have a better quality of life. This will be achieved through opening Ireland’s first home away from home taking away a real world worry for CF warriors and their loved ones when travelling to Dublin hospitals for treatment.

This home will be known as Tranquility House. Upon opening of Tranquility House our next project will see us embark on fundraising to open a Wellness and Respite Facility. Our goal is to realise this project in 2026


Our dream is that anyone affected by CF will never feel alone. And our promise is that we’ll always be here for them, offering care, support and a home from home when it’s most needed.


Today, dedicated accommodation for CF families doesn’t exist. Our mission is to transform properties close to CF treatment centers into comfortable, calming havens. ​
We also aim to establish Wellness Respite Retreats for CF families in Ireland and the US, where they can rest, recharge and rebound.


Purpose Cystic Fibrosis never stops being physically, emotionally and financially stressful. So, the Foundation offers comfort, care and assistance to people affected by CF, and anyone close to them. ​
Julian was given endless support by his beloved mother Maura – and she’s our inspiration to offer the same to others.

Shining A Spotlight On Our Values


Of the 11,000 charities in Ireland, only 117 hold Triple Lock certification from Charities Institute Ireland.
This prized standard covers ethical fundraising. transparent reporting and good governance. As such, it highlights that the Foundation is trusted to operate to the highest standards of openness, transparency and integrity.


Our books remain open at all times. This means every donation is visible, its use is clearly explained and an annual audit report by BDO is published on our website.


Our commitment to intense cost control means every cent is accounted for and spending is only done on the most essential items. This means we avoid the costs of a fixed office by working remotely and carefully assess the need for every individual purchase.


We ensure that people affected by CF experience a quality of care and comfort outside of hospitals that hasn’t been available to them before now


Everyone should have joy in their lives. So, whatever we do or create, we want it to include a little magic and help people smile, whatever challenges they face.