Making a special gift in memory of someone is an amazing way to recognise the impact of their life. If you would like to celebrate the life of a loved one with a gift to us, there are a few ways to approach this:

1. Funeral or Service Collections
At such an emotional time, holding a collection with family and friends can be a comforting way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

2. Donations in lieu of flowers
If your loved one had philanthropic tendencies, requesting donations in lieu of flowers can be a lovely acknowledgement of their eagerness to give back to others. Your funeral director can help you communicate this wish to others.

3. Once – Off Donation
Making a donation in memory of a loved one can be a heartfelt mark of respect for their memory. After you make a donation in someone’s name, please do get in touch so we can extend our thanks to both you and send a letter in recognition to the family or another nominated person.