Father figures can be difficult to buy for, but if you are looking to recognise that special person who filled the dad role in your life, we have a memorable and personal gift idea for you that will last a lifetime.

Dedicate a brick in our Tranquillity House to your father figure – his name will be recognised in the House when it is fully finished. This unique tribute to him will be appreciated by thousands of CF patient families who will utilise the house.

When you donate the cost of a brick to him, we will send you a certificate to present him with on Father’s Day, outlining what the brick means and the positive impact it will have on thousands of families for decades to come.

For all bricks purchased in the run-up to Father’s Day, we will also include a complimentary set of our three charity masks as an additional present.

If you would like us to send him an email on Father’s Day itself explaining the gift, we would be delighted to organise that too.