1. I’ve never run before.  Can I still participate?

The beauty of this event is that anyone can participate, whether you’re a seasoned or competitive runner, an occasional jogger or you’d just like to walk the route with your pals.  The pace is totally dictated by you.


2. I’ve registered.  When will I receive my Fundraising Pack?

This is JBCFF’s 1st year participating in the Mini Marathon, so we’re currently working on our Fundraising Pack.  We anticipate being able to post these out by mid-April.  In the meantime, you can get fundraising via the official online fundraising partner, by setting up your own profile here:



3. How should I fundraise?

Everyone is different and what they enjoy doing is different.  Some people will organise a coffee morning in work or at home or simply ask friends to donate via their online fundraising page.  Others may feel more comfortable arranging a full on lip-synch battle extravaganza and selling tickets to it.

Some other ideas include:

·                An odd-sock or funny wig day

·                A bake-off or bake sale

·                An auction or raffle

·                A collection

·                A mother and baby event

·                A fashion show

·                A table-quiz, race night or gala ball

Read our Fundraising Guidelines Here

Complete our Fundraising Event Proposal Form Here


4. What’s the easiest way for me to collect sponsorship?

Creating an online profile with the official online fundraising partner is by far the easiest way to fundraise.  People will be able to donate to your own page using credit/debit cards and the money is automatically lodged into our Foundation’s bank account in your name.  It couldn’t be easier.

Hosting an event, will inevitably lead to you handling cash.  See our Fundraising Guidelines here.

Let us know if you’d like a Sponsorship Card posted to you. 


5. How should I prepare for the day?

Visit https://www.vhiwomensminimarathon.ie/ for lots of hints and tips on how to prepare.  If you’re running, it’s advised that you follow a training regime and there is lots of advice available online for this.  If you’re walking, there is little you need to do, other than be prepared to walk 10k.


6. Do I need to collect my race number?

Absolutely yes!  You will receive notification via email/text from the VHI Mini-Marathon instructing you where to collect your race number BEFORE the day.  If you haven’t collected your race number, you will not be able to participate.  Usually, the collection point is at the RDS, Dublin over the 2 days before the event.  JBCFF can’t accept any responsibility for anyone who doesn’t collect their race number.


7. What should I bring / wear on the day?

Make sure you have a pair of comfortable runners that you’ve worn before and feel comfortable in.

Bring safety pins (to attach your race number to your t-shirt)

If it’s cold, you might want to wear a long-sleeved top under your JBCFF T-shirt.

Having your own water bottle is optional.  There will be water stations along the route.

Many participants will want to travel light. Others may feel more comfortable with a small backpack containing: rain jacket, spare top & socks, water, suncream etc.  Our advice is to carry as little as possible.

Lastly, in honour of Julian Benson – feel free to SPARKLE IT UP!


8. Where can I leave my bags & personal belongings?

VHI Mini-Marathon will provide a drop-off area for bags, which will be on one of the streets.  You will be given a cloakroom ticket to collect your bags at the end of the race.  Again, our advice is to bring as little as possible and most certainly don’t bring or leave any valuables at the race line.

JBCFF has plans to have a meeting point and bag drop off for our participants, but this is yet to be arranged. We’ll let you know closer to the time.


9. What if it rains?

The Irish weather can never be predicted.  Some of the most fun marathons are when the rain is lashing down!  Consider bringing a poncho or waist-tied rain proof jacket.  You’ll know close to the time whether you need to wear it, carry it or leave it at a bag-collection point.


10.    What if I need ‘the ladies’ whilst en-route?

The organisers will provide port-a-loos in several places along the route. Be aware that the queue for these is often very long and will cut into your finish time (if you care!).  Try to hydrate yourself just enough that you won’t need to go whilst en-route!


11.    When and how will I send JBCFF the money I have fundraised?

If you’ve only collected funds via the official online platform, the funds will automatically come to our bank account in your name.  If you collect cash, please ensure it is counted according to our Fundraising Guidelines (here).  We’d appreciate where possible, that your collected funds are lodged directly into our Bank Account.  Please email our office to obtain our Bank Details.  (Bank lodgements are the safest, quickest and easiest way to ensure the funds get to us and without any card charges, ensuring 100% of your efforts go straight to the Foundation).



Additional things you might like to bring:

1.       A Phone Holder: A holder that keeps your phone on your arm, if you don’t want to carry it in a pocket or leave it behind you.  All sports shops sell these, but you can also get them in Penneys for around €5. Win!  A phone will come in very useful immediately after the race, if you are trying to find members of your group.

2.       Safety Pins – you’ll need these to attach your race number to your t-shirt.

3.      Headphones – to listen to your personal choice of music whilst en-route.

4.       Tissues – in case you need to pop to a port-a-loo.

5.       A watch or fitness device – will help you stay on time.

6.       Weather protection – suncream and/or a rain jacket.

7.      Baby wipes & a spare t-shirt – to freshen up after the race.